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Webcast about "Operation Pillar of Defense"

Tuesday this week, November 20, Jeremy Leigh and Dr David Mendelsson discussed “Operation Pillar of Defense” in a webcast. 

The webcast was a great success and, in case you missed it, you can still hear it by following this link.


Jeremy Leigh and Dr David Mendelsson- 'Operation Pillar of Defense'...

A chance to clarify what is happening in the south, why Israel has launched this type of response and discuss what the implications might be for Israeli society and the forthcoming elections. 

Learn with two leading educators, wherever you are.

Hosted by ARZENU, the international federation of Reform Zionists. 



Jeremy Leigh grew up in London where he was active in RSY-Netzer and from where he made aliya in 1992. He has been living in Jerusalem ever since, teaching Jewish History and Israel Studies in a variety of institutions, including the Hebrew Union College. In addition to this, Jeremy runs 'Jewish Journeys', a project to develop intelligent travel programmes to Jewish destinations around the world.

Dr David Mendelsson is the director of the Hebrew Union College Year in Israel Programme. Originally from the UK, he has been teaching at the Hebrew University Rothberg School for Overseas Students in Jerusalem for many years and is also the former Director of the Machon l'Madrichei Chutz L'Aretz.




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