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Rabbi Richard Hirsch selected for Torch-lighting honor at Yom Ha'atzmaut ceremonies in Jerusalem

MAZAL TOV TO OUR FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE RABBI RICHARD HIRSCH on his selection to be one of the 14 honored on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Rabbi Richard Hirsch will be honored on Israeli Independence Day by lighting a torch during the State’s official Independence Day celebration. We are so proud that a prominent Reform rabbi has been chosen for this national honor. Rabbi Hirsch served as Executive Director of the World Union for Progressive Judaism from 1973 until 1999. Upon his retirement, he was elected Honorary Life President of the WUPJ. He was the Founding Director of the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center in Washington DC, which he served from 1962-1973. In 1973 he and his family moved to Israel as he assumed his position at the WUPJ. Rabbi Hirsch served as the Co-Chair of the FSU & Eastern Europe Committee. He has been a member of the Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors since 1972. He currently serves as the President of the Zionist General Council. Those of us who have been active in ARZENU also know Rabbi Hirsch as the father of ARZA-USA past-Executive Director, Rabbi
Ammiel Hirsch.

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