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Rabbi Larry Englander's Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu about Israeli Delegation to Nepal



April 30, 2015

י"א אייר תשע"ה ‏

The Hon. B. Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

3 Kaplan Street


Jerusalem, 91950



Dear Prime Minister,

I write on behalf of ARZENU, the global Reform Zionist group, to commend you and the Government of Israel on the prompt and compassionate response by the State of Israel to the disastrous earthquake in Nepal.

We believe that this is a genuine and greatly appreciated gesture by a humane and compassionate nation to a country in dire straits and facing the catastrophic consequences of a natural disaster.

We totally agree with your words of recent days when you stated, “this is the true face of Israel”.  In this instance, as in so many areas of achievement Israel is fulfilling its prophetic role “L’hiyot or le goyim.”

May the field hospital staff and other personnel travel safely and provide the much-needed care and assistance to the people of Nepal and all those trapped in this terrible and heart-rending situation,

With very best wishes

Rabbi Lawrence Englander

Chair, ARZENU  



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