International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists


As our New Year begins, I want to share a brief summary of ARZENU’s recent activities.


An update on activities within the constituent organizations will follow.


B’hatzlacha to everyone around the world who is working so hard for Reform Zionism.




1.      A request has gone out to all constituent country chairs to send an updated list of all current officers with their contact information. This will enable us to keep everyone informed of news as it happens, and expand our ability to connect to each other.

 2.     ARZENU is in the process of creating a Resource Guide for Programs.  You will hear from a new committee about collecting ideas which you have used successfully. Following on ideas from constituent leaders, we want to share activities so that others can benefit from your success and we together can strengthen our own organizations with new ideas.

 3.     Much planning and thinking is occurring with our Young Adult Leadership group.  We are looking at ways to:

      a. Connect with the Beit Midrash talking place at Kibbutz Yahel for the post-army cohort.

      b. Follow up with the success of our two seminars: Noa Marom is taking responsibility for connecting participants

      c. Exploring other ideas for next year

      d. Rabbi Danny Burkeman and student rabbi Lea Muehlstein are working together to build young Zionist leadership in the Diaspora. Danny was instrumental in the very successful Young Adult Seminar held in June, 2011.

 4.      An ARZENU resource development committee led by Ian Samuel is looking at ways to find new financial resources for ARZENU activities in light of the current economic strains of the WZO and on fund-raising around the Jewish world

 5.      New constituent organizations are in various development stages with France announcing the founding of the first ever ARZENU group in that country just before Rosh Hashana. In New Zealand the possibility of a group forming with the help of ARZA Australia is underway.




1.       ARZENU's work within the WZO and related organizations is continuing. A separate report will follow to explain the Petach Tikvah Court ruling regarding KK”L. 

 2.      Meantime ARZENU was in the forefront of negotiations to release much needed funding to the WZO from KK”L.

 3.      Many of you have seen and been impacted by the work being done under the leadership of our own Gusti Yehoshua-Braverman by the Diaspora Department in numerous countries around the world

 4.     There will be a major presence of the WZO and the Diaspora Department led by Gusti at the upcoming JAFI Board of Governors meeting being held in Buenos Aires in November.

 5.     ARZENU has been actively involved in dealing with the religious streams allocations with JAFI and has played a critical role in developing a strategic approach to maintaining the $1million allocation to the Reform Movement's Israeli institutions – the IMPJ, the Hebrew Union College and the World Union.

6.      ARZENU is looking forward to a successful year ahead with the involved participation of all its country organizations. 


Shana Tova and Chag Sukkot Sameach,


Joan Garson


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