International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists

At the last meeting of the JNF Directors, a proposal submitted by Lesley Sachs to form an executive committee for gender equality was approved. In addition, Lesley has been unanimously appointed to head this committee!

Lesley has been advocating the issue of gender inequality at the JNF since being elected a few years ago, feeling that there is a tremendous gender discrepancy in the JNF staffing and suggesting bringing in a consultant to prepare a report detailing obstacles women employees face at the JNF and how th

is can be changed.  

The new committee's mandate will include a look into gender discrepancy not only in HR and department but also in PR, publications, educational materials and other issues pertaining to gender equality.  

Men and women from the Board of Directors will be invited to take part. Although there will not be a lot of time, it is Lesley's hope that it will continue to operate after the upcoming elections and begin having an impact in the following term.

We congratulate Lesley on this achievement and hope this committee will make much needed changes.  


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