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Natan Sharansky calls for dialogue about prayer at the Kotel

Following the arrest of Anat Hoffman on October 16 at the Kotel (Western Wall) and her subsequent harsh treatment by the police, the right of every Jew to pray at the Kotel has been discussed at The Jewish Agency for Israel’s (JAFI) board meeting. At the meeting Chairman Natan Sharansky said, “We are very angry and very upset at the behavior of Israel’s police”.

The plenary resulted in the passing of a resolution (following a 7-5 recommendation of the Unity for the Jewish People Committee) regarding prayer at the Kotel.

The resolution calls for renewed dialogue between the Chairman of the Executive of JAFI (Natan Sharansky) and Governmental bodies, including the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, “to arrive at a satisfactory approach to the issue of prayer at the Western Wall of Har Habayit”.

In a letter to Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser of the Prime Minister’s Office, Natan Sharansky is calling for a roundtable discussion on how to move the conversation forward.

In his reply to Natan Sharansky, Tzvi Hauser states that: “I would be glad to join you in further examining the subject in the context of the roundtable that we jointly head”.


You can read JAFI's full resolution here.

You can read both letters here.

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