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Kibbutz Lotan to receive NIS 3.7m for bird sanctuary

ARZENU and the Israel Reform Movement has helped secure Kibbutz Lotan a NIS 3.7m grant from the JNF/KK"L for the construction of a bird-watching park as well as other eco-projects.


Read the full story below in a letter from Executive Director at Kibbutz Lotan, Mike Nitzan.


Dear Friends,


Through ARZENU and the Israel Reform Movement's diligent teamwork and commitment, the JNF/KK"L has budgeted NIS 3.7m for the completion of Kibbutz Lotan's "Ecological Community Project." The allocation enables the completion of Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology "Eco-Kef", new Eco Auditorium and Visitor Center and planning and construction of the Birding without Borders Bird-watching Park.


The Eco Auditorium (constructed solely from natural materials, solar powered, energy conserving and production) will absorb the busloads of guests of all ages from Israel and abroad touring the cutting edge, experiential environmental park.  The bird-watching facility is part of a national network of birding centers stretching from Eilat to the Hula Valley.  It is meant to restore habitat, allow for the birds to rest and "refuel" on their migration from Africa to Europe, and provide serious birdwatchers and lovers of nature an opportunity to view the half a billion birds flying over the Arava Valley.



Mike Nitzan

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