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Dear Dalya,

Last Thursday, Reform and Conservative leaders organized an egalitarian afternoon prayer service at the Western Wall's main plaza. Five hundred people from around the country came to participate. In the middle of the singing, dozens of ultra-Orthodox boys and men tried to interrupt the service. They screamed curses and insults, blew whistles, shoved, spat and threw bottles at the worshippers. Uniformed police officers were present, but did not intervene to stop the violence.

The scare tactics did not work. We didn’t run and hide, and we have no intention of doing so in the future. When the cause is just, persistence pays off.  

We have the victories to prove it. Just yesterday, Jerusalem’s District Court issued a final order requiring Beit Shemesh’s mayor to remove so-called “modesty signs” from the city’s streets once and for all.  The order was issued three years after our legal team first filed suit, and eighteen months after the municipality was ordered to pay damages to our clients for the humiliation these signs caused them.  

Six months ago, the government voted and adopted the recommendation to establish a permanent egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel.  It hasn’t happened yet, and until it does, we won’t let up. Join us in this struggle. Sign our petition demanding that Prime Minister Netanyahu honor his commitment for “all Jews to feel at home at the Western Wall.”  

Your voice matters. Speak up.



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Tell Prime Minister Netanyahu to honor his word

Six months after agreeing to create a permanent, egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stil has not lived up to his commitments.  Take a minute to sign our petition and to demand that he implement the Western Wall compromise now. 

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June 20, 2016

IRAC News and Links

IRAC News and Events

Ultra-Othodox Jews disrupt egalitarian prayer services at the Kotel

Read articles about last week's scuffle at the Kotel in Haaretz, Ynet, the Forward and the Times of Israel.

The Reform Movement posted videos of the disruptions on Facebook. You can watch them here and here

A final farewell to Beit Shemesh's "modesty signs"

Read more about yesterday's IRAC victory: a final order requiring the mayor to remove the last of the "modesty signs" from the streets of Beit Shemesh. (via Haaretz

Read about Anat's recent trip to the US

The St. Louis Jewish Light and BrandeisNow describe Anat's visit to their local communities, and her call for Diaspora Jews to take action to create change in Israel.

The Strong Women's Club interviews Anat

Podcaster Edie Berg interviews Anat for an episode entitled "Religious Freedom and Strong Convictions."  Listen to it here, and hear Anat's advice about how to make a difference in the world, and how to choose a life partner.

IRAC's campaign against Lehava continues

Haaretz talks about IRAC's campaign against Lehava, and how Israel must fight violent Jewish extremists. (Via Haaretz)


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