International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists


Period 2008 -09

Over this period, activities have been reduced, as for a few years now we deplore the disappearance of our ARZA-Deutschschweiz counterpart, due to the failure of finding amongst them, as we have so far failed to find, within our own midst, the sufficiently able and willing personalities to take over from our "old guard," the leadership of ARTZA-SWISS.

However we have succeeded in maintaining contact with the internaut Members and Friends on the ARTZS-SWISS operative Membership list of our Geneva office. Thus, we have managed to actively pursue the collection and translation of news and information material from different sources in Israel for the editing and distribution by Internet, several times a week, of our circulars and Bulletins.

Minimum contact has been maintained with the Swiss Zionist Federation which is also moving ahead at a somewhat reduced rate due to what seems to be a period of frustration and decreasing Zionist activism in Jewish circles, as more immediate attention has to be paid to the growing aggressiveness of anti-Semitic propaganda everywhere.

The tireless and much appreciated dedication of our Chaver and ARTZA-SWISS Representative, René Luks has once more been acknowledged by his having been elected to the honored position of Vice-president of the Swiss Zionist Federation. ARTZA-SWISS is much indebted to him as some of that “kavod” is reflected upon us.

Further, the recession that has hit world economy, with all its crippling consequences, has not spared any of us nor of our Communities and supporter. Our modest financial resources are hardly on the increase and I am afraid it might take some time yet before ARTZA-SWISS can make what we know to be a very much needed transfer to IMPJ.

We have maintained our subsidiary ARTZA-SWISS activity in co operation with SAR-EL and the Kibbutz Movement, operating their Swiss Desks for the recruiting of Volunteers.

A growing number of Volunteers, have been recruited, some amongst our Congregants, some from the French-speaking Cantons and neighbouring France to serve mainly as civilian volunteers on Tzahal bases, from which they have come back enthused.

ARTZA-SWISS has joined other Jewish Institutions and NGOs in signing several petitions, mostly on Human Rights.

Although not directly connected to ARTZA-SWISS activities, you will be interested to know the WUPJ NGO has continued to be very active at the UN European HQ at this year's Session of the Commission and Sub-commission of Human Rights where our Representative and honoured Member: David Littman has made several remarked Statements that have been reported in the local, American and French Press.

I shall end this brief report by mentioning an important impending event that we are looking forward to with great anticipation: Thursday evening, June 18, Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman will address us on the activities of "Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel." Invitations have been sent round and we hope to reach a sizeable audience and to stir up a renewed and enlightened interest in the observation of Human Rights in Israel.

New Scale of ARTZA-SWISS (AS) Membership annual dues

Single membership: CHF (Swiss Frs) 35.-

Family " CHF 60.-

Youth, Students, Pensioners 12.-

Supporters (without voting rights): 20.-

For each voting Member, ARTZA pays CHF 10.- annually to the Swiss Zionist Federation.

François Ullman Eliel Masson

President “ad interim” Temp. Representative

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