International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists



Board members at December 31, 2008:

Samuel de Leeuw chairman

Judith Dotsch secretary

Coen Abraham treasurer

Marlise Gelder member

This year our advisor Rabbi Ruben Bar-Ephraim left our board. During 2008 the board met 5 times.

ADKaN, our own News Bulletin, was published twice.

Israel 60 years

Because of the celebration of Israel’s 60 years of existence ARZA-The Netherlands organized a picnic for their members in the Amsterdamse Bos. As FNZ-participants we attended the big celebration of this diamond jubilee at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam.

International contacts

ARZA- chaiman Samuel de Leeuw represented ARZA-The Netherlands at the yearly Board meeting of the yearly ARZENU-board in Jerusalem from 9-11 November.

Following this meeting Samuel de Leeuw represented ARZA-The Netherlands at the Va’ad Hap’oel of the World Zionist Congress from 9-11 November and from 14-16 November he joined the Jafi Assembly.

On behalf of the youth of ARZA-The Netherlands Hadassa Conen attended the ARZENU workshop (Reform Zionism).

Donations of ARZA

On behalf of ARZA-Netherlands a new gate was donated to the Har El Community in Jerusalem. Chairman Samu de Leeuw presented the gate officially to Har El during his stay in November and he attached the Mezuza to the gate.

Mechina Project

During this year we committed ourselves to financially support the Mechina Project (a project of IMPJ) in Yaffo-Tel Aviv. Within this Project young liberal jews are trained for Leadership of the Liberal Movement during a preparation year (mechina) following their high school graduation and preceding their service in the army.

ARZA-The Netherlands agreed with IMPJ to support Albina Chizik during her stay and study in Yaffo for a year.


Samuel de Leeuw held various meetings and lectures about ARZA which resulted in several new members.


During our annual meeting of June 15, 2008 the movie “120% Jewish” was shown in presence of the producer/director Corine Falch and some of the actors.

Participation in other organizations

  • Samuel de Leeuw represented ARZA-Netherlands in the board of the FNZ (Dutch Zionist Federation) and through this organization also as a board member of the CJO (Central Jewish Organization).
  • He is also member of the Board of ARZENU, the word wide coordinating organization of liberal Jewish Zionists.
  • Judith Dotsch represented ARZA-The Netherlands in the Board of the FNZ.
  • As treasurer of the FNZ till August 1, 2008 Coen Abraham also participated in the Board of the umbrella Organization FNZ.
  • Again, this year ARZA assisted in the ceremonies of Jom Hasjoa and Jom Ha’atsma’oet in our country.

New website of ARZA-The Netherlands

During this year the website of ARZA-The Netherlands ( was renewed and linked to the website of the Dutch Union of Progressive Jewry.

Judith Dotsch


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