International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists

ARZENU proudly welcomes ARZA New Zealand as its 13th constituent

On Sunday, July 22, ARZENU could once again welcome a new member to our growing community of worldwide constituents. The launch of ARZA NZ took place at an event in Auckland with participants from New Zealand, Australia and Dalya Levy, director of ARZENU, online from Israel.


Below you can read the official statement from Udi Dvorkin, Formal Education and Community Shaliach in New Zealand.


Shalom all

I am very proud to show a glimpse of the launch we had here yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand. Many people joined a lovely evening and showed much commitment to the ideas of Progressive Zionism. We will work in the coming months to add more members in Auckland and also in other parts of New Zealand.

Many thanks to the Chair, Roger Raynolds, and to the Establishing Committee for their effort in the process of working towards this launch.

Many thanks to the guests from Australia that joined the event; Steve Denenberg, Executive Director of the Union for Progressive Judaism of Australia (UPJ) and Barbara Ford, president of ARZA Australia.

Many thanks to Dalya Levy, Executive Director of ARZENU, for all her help towards this.
Many thanks to Rachel Korpus, President of the New Zealand Zionist Federation, and the Zionist Federation Executive for their support and help.



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