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Anat Hoffman arrested at the Kotel for saying Sh’ma Israel

On Tuesday night, October 16, Anat Hoffman was arrested during a prayer service at the Kotel for saying Sh’ma Israel aloud and for wearing a tallit. The service was held at the women’s section of the wall and was attended by some 250 participants including members from Women of the Wall and Hadassah.

Anat Hoffman was subsequently taken to the police station where she was held overnight. During her detainment she was stripped naked and dragged 15 meters on the floor while in handcuffs for refusing to move from one chair to another. She ended up spending the night in a cell without a bed, sleeping on the floor covered in her tallit.

The next day she was presented in court in leg shackles, where a judge released her on the condition that she doesn’t visit the Kotel for 30 days.

You can help Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) by signing their petition calling for the Israeli government to stop the ultra-Orthodox monopoly over the Kotel.  

Read more about Anat’s arrest here.

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