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Reform/Progressive Movement slams recent spate of attacks in Israel

The leadership of the world’s largest stream of religious Judaism, the Reform/Progressive Movement, condemns the perpetrators of the recent hate crimes in Israel – and those who have helped to create a social and spiritual environment in which such deeds would even be contemplated, let alone condoned.

“The barbaric attack on a Palestinian family, including the murder of an 18-month old baby, is an act of terrorism and the State of Israel must respond to it using the same…


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Webinar: Behind the Headlines: Making Sense of the Middle East with Prof. Paul Liptz

Join us for a Webinar on Sunday, August 24, 2014

Recent events in the Middle East have once again thrust this volatile region onto the world's headlines. The speed in which new developments occur in this troubled part of the world can often times confuse even the most educated person. 

Currently, the Arab world is deeply divided between radicals and "moderates." There are also growing tensions…


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Arzenu saddened by deaths of four teenagers

As Progressive Religious Zionists, we grieve over the murder of the three yeshiva boys, Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel. We extend our deepest condolences to their families and pray that the perpetrators of such a heinous act will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As Progressive Religious Zionists, we grieve over the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and pray that the perpetrators of such a heinous act will be…


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Success at Zionist General Council for ARZENU & its coalition partners

Progressive Jews in the Diaspora, who have a strong sense of identity with the Holy Land and who do not always agree with everything that happens there, may wonder if there is anything that they can do to make a difference. 

Fortunately, there is. ARZENU is the umbrella organization that allows our voice to be heard at the highest level of Israeli politics. ARZENU represents our views directly in the World Zionist Organization (WZO)…


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Ongoing controversy at the Kotel

The latest plan released by the Israeli government regarding the new prayer area at the Western Wall has sparked more controversy among Reform Jews and especially the Women of the Wall (WoW). 

According to an August 26 article on, "The Israeli government released a plan on Sunday to oversee the development of a new, temporary egalitarian space adjacent to the…


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Reform Movement Responds to Kotel Activity

"The temporary platform unveiled today... is a gesture of good will, but it is, at best, a very small step forward in the implementation of the full plan..."

Below is a copy of a statement that ARZA signed onto with the URJ and others of the Reform Movement that went out Sunday August 25…


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Arzenu congratulates new ARZA president

Rabbi Bennett F. Miller, chair of ARZA, the Association of Reform Zionists of America, recently sent out a letter to ARZA members announcing the appointment of the organization’s new president. In his words: “The ARZA Board has unanimously approved the selection of Joshua Weinberg to serve as the president of ARZA. The selection of Joshua Weinberg concludes an international search process that began in October 2012.” If you would like to read…


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A Tipping Point – Rosh Chodesh Sivan and WOW

Mark S. Anshan recently wrote an article on Rosh Chodesh Sivan and Women of the Wall. Mark is a leader in the Reform movement serving on the URJ Board of Trustees and in other roles. He is a past Chair of ARZENU. Click here to read his article on the Women of the Wall website.

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Is Sharansky the only one who doesn’t want confrontation at the Western Wall?

In the last two years, the Western Wall in Jerusalem — also known as the Kotel — has become a place of controversy as much as of worship. It’s the site of a battle that has long been waged by a group called Women of the Wall, who are demanding they be able to pray in the women’s section wearing tallits — Jewish prayer shawls — and also be permitted to read from the Torah, rights that the rabbi of…


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Women of the Wall changes must move forward!

Noa Sattath, Director of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), recently sent out an email informing recipients of current events surrounding Women of the Wall and asking supporters to write to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ask him to continue making changes at the Kotel (Western Wall). Here is her email with a link to the site to write to the PM and links to various related articles.

With Anat…


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South Africa joins Israel in barring women from singing! Make your voices heard against this!

A letter was sent out by the South African Centre for Religious Equality and Diversity (SACRED) earlier this week letting people know about the South African Orthodox Jewish community's move to ban women from singing at celebratory events.

Included in this letter is a link to a video that was produced in opposition to this discriminatory practice. In addition, an article was published in …


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Reflections on Israel - ARZA Canada Week

Last week, ARZA Canada held a week-long program for members, which included remembering Israel's fallen soldiers on Yom HaZikaron and celebrating Israel's 64th birthday during Yom Ha'atzmaut. 

As part of the program, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) produced a video to thank ARZA Canada for its support over the years. Click …


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Anat Hoffman: A decade of fighting for civil and human rights

This week, Anat Hoffman, executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), celebrated her 10-year anniversary with the organization. Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center (RAC) of Reform Judaism in the US, and Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), offered…


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Rabbi W Gunther Plaut z"l, leader, scholar, visionary - his legacy lives on

The ARZENU family joins the Reform movement in mourning the passing of Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut in Canada last week.

Rabbi Plaut, who died at 99, published a volume of commentary on the Torah and Haftarah, which has become the standard Chumash used by the Reform movement world-wide.

“God is not the author of the text,” Rabbi Plaut wrote in the volume’s introduction, “the people are; but God’s voice may be heard through theirs if we listen with…


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ARZA Canada Week to be inaugurated across Canada in April 2012

This year, in honour of Israel Independence Day, ARZA Canada – in conjunction with the newly-formed ARZA Canada Rabbinic Council – will launch the first-ever ARZA Canada Week across Canada from April 22 to 28, 2012. 

The aim of ARZA Canada Week is to produce programmes and activities that will enable this week to become a highlight of ARZA Canada’s calendar each year. This year, both Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut…


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Poland and Israel: A journey of heritage and hope

The Union for Progressive Judaism in collaboration with ARZA and Emanuel Synagogue will host a memorable experience for Australian Progressive Jews immediately after Pesach

Join the Union for Progressive Judaism on a journey of heritage and hope from Sunday 15 April to Wednesday 2 May 2012. We will visit the sites of the Holocaust in Poland from 16 to 23 April and celebrate our Jewish homeland from 24 to 30 April.

Led by…


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Zulu Prince & Christian Zionists among 400 honouring Israel in Durban

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) president, Prince Mangosuthu Buthlelezi told a pro-Israel event on Wednesday that he is ashamed and embarrassed of how South Africa has sidelined Israel in favour of Palestine.

Speaking to nearly 400 guests at an evening called a ‘Night to Honour Israel’ at the Durban Jewish Club, Buthlelezi said the South African Government maintains an understated position with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict despite the country’s diplomatic ties with…


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Israel's Progressive Reform Movement speaks out about the social protests

On Wednesday last week, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) and the Council of Progressive Rabbis (CPR) in Israel issued a statement on the social protests that are currently taking place on the streets of all Israeli major cities.

The people’s voice is as God’s voice

This year, the period of “Between the Straits” (bein ha-meitzarim) has seen an outpouring of protests throughout Israel. Citizens have…


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Embodying liberalism and Zionism: Rabbi Richard Hirsch's new book published

Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch’s new book, For the Sake of Zion, Reform Zionism: A Personal Mission, was launched in Jerusalem on Monday, June 27. Gil Troy, a professor of history at McGill University in Montreal and the author of numerous books, who currently lives in Israel, wrote an article for The Jewish Week about Rabbi Hirsch and his latest book.

At a time when we read constantly about the crises of Liberal Zionism and Reform Zionism, Rabbi Hirsch, at…


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The revolution is here: Israelis dissatisfied over basic costs of living.

Anat Hoffman of IRAC and Rabbi Gilad Kariv of the IMPJ, joined forces for the latest IRAC newsletter to speak about the current protests being held in all major cities in Israel.

Dear Friends of IRAC

Over the last two weeks, it has been obvious that Israeli democracy is as strong and vibrant as it has ever been. The dissatisfaction of the Israeli middle class over the basic costs of living, be it food, housing, or education, has…


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