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ARZENU and the Israeli Green Party's Correspondence with the Green Party of Canada

MK Yael Cohen Paran

The Knesset, Jerusalem 9691961

Tel: +972-2-6408114/5 Fax: +972-2-6408113


MP. Elizabeth May

Chairman, Green Party of Canada

Dear MP. May;

I am writing on behalf of the Green Movement of Israel to express our disappointment over resolutions that the Green Party in Canada is apparently discussing, which would boycott…


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ARZENU Statement regarding the nomination of Rabbi Eyal Karim as Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

ARZENU, representing the views and aspirations of 1.8 million Reform and Progressive Zionists around the world, feels compelled to speak out against the nomination of Rabbi Eyal Karim as Chief Rabbi of the IDF. It is our strong view that Rabbi Col. Karim’s extremist statements and positions do not conform to the spirit of klal yisrael (Jewish unity), nor do they honour Israel’s soldiers, nor the values of inclusiveness and integration that are the symbols of the IDF.

Specifically, his…


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July 15, 2016                                                             י׳ בְּתַמּוּז תשע״ו קיץ בארצה Summer News from ARZA Letter from the President  Shalom to all…

July 15, 2016                                                            …

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Paris Meetings June 2016

Following the recent Jewish Agency meetings held in Paris at the end of June and attended by the world leadership of ARZENU, Rabbi Larry Englander (Chair), and Dalya Levy (Executive Director), were hosted by ARZENOU France for an evening that included a lecture on the topic of Israel and the Middle East through Maps, delivered by Rabbi Englander.



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Connect - The Joint Faction Newsletter - First Issue, 2016


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Honor your word, PM Netanyahu - The Pluralist

Dear Dalya,

Last Thursday, Reform and Conservative leaders organized an egalitarian afternoon prayer service at the Western Wall's main plaza. Five hundred people from around the country came to participate. In the middle of the singing, dozens of ultra-Orthodox boys and men tried to interrupt the service. They…


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UNESCO Executive Board Resolution - Press Statement by the Assembly of Liberal Judaism (“Assemblée du Judaisme Liberal”), Paris, 11 May 2016

On 16 April last, the UNESCO Executive Board adopted a Resolution that is so unilateral as to deny any link between the Jews and Jerusalem, in particular the Wailing Wall, as well as between Christians and Jerusalem.

By failing to recognise the historic link between Judaism and Jerusalem and its spiritual importance for the Jewish People, this Resolution constitutes a deliberate negation of a heritage that affects the Jews in particular and even  humanity as a whole since the Holy…


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THE LEGACY OF RABBI BOB SAMUELS - Rabbi Lawrence Englander

A Cedar of Lebanon has fallen.  We mourn the death of Rabbi Bob Samuels, a visionary, a dedicated Zionist and a pioneer of Reform Judaism in Israel.


Bob made Aliya in 1962 with his wife and three children, and immediately began to make his imprint on the land and the people.  Through his leadership, the Leo Baeck Educational Centre in Haifa was established, which has become a model for integrating Jewish, Arab and Druze communities, along with senior citizens and…


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Rabbi Englander's Letter to MK Yitzchak Herzog

Dear Mr. Herzog,

Please forgive my delay in writing to you.  I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with Yaron and me, and to discuss issues of common concern.  I feel that we have developed an understanding of how we can work together within the National Institutions to further the values that both our organizations hold dear.

In this regard, I wish to specify one issue, and that is the invective that the Progressive religious streams have been receiving from…


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"ARZENU's Influence in the National Zionist Institutions Reaps Another Reward!"

Print Edition
Women praying at Western Wall.(Photo by: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)…

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I Believe: Israeli Arabs – Lost in a Sea of Identities* Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad

Beijing Law Review, 2011, 2, 1-7

doi:10.4236/blr.2011.21001 Published Online March 2011 (

Copyright © 2011 SciRes. BLR

I Believe: Israeli Arabs – Lost in a Sea of Identities*

Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad**

Zefat Law School, Zefat Academic College, Zefat, Israel.




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Creative dissonance by Achinoam Nini

A few days ago I announced I was canceling my membership in the Israeli Union of Performing Artists (EMI), following their decision to present a life time achievement award to the singer/songwriter Ariel Zilber. In order to understand my motivation for this act, and the public outcry that ensued, it is necessary to go back in time.…


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North American Reform Movement Applauds Passage of Plan to Enhance Egalitarian Prayer Space at Western Wall

The Kotel Will Now Be Open to Everyone!

We rejoice in the good news that the Knesset Cabinet has endorsed the enhancement of the egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel.  We express our congratulations and deep gratitude to those who have worked tirelessly to bring this to reality.  In particular, we say Yishar Koach to Anat Hoffman of IRAC and Rabbi Gilad Kariv of IMPJ.

Onward and upward from here for…


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KALEIDOSCOPE Engaging Israel at a Crossroads | July 3-7, 2016


  • Top Israeli and Palestinian leaders
  • Senior military strategists involved in backroom peace negotiations
  • Grassroots activists: social, economic, religious and cultural issues
  • Prominent entrepreneurs and investors in business, finance & technology
  • Celebrated writers, thinkers, scientists, film-makers and media…

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West Bank Settlements are neither “illegitimate” nor “illegal” – But that’s NOT the issue Rabbi John Rosove

Even though a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems very far away, it is still the only solution that preserves Israel’s democratic and Jewish character, and it is the only solution that will restore Israel’s international standing.

Everything good that Israel is and does, however, is being eclipsed by terror, violence and the contentious issue of West Bank settlements.

The Times of Israel reported this week (“US backs European move to distinguish…


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ARZENU Statement on Israel’s so-called “Transparency” Legislation

ARZENU, the global organisation representing Reform and Progressive Zionists, expressed disappointment that anti-democratic elements in the Knesset are, once again, seeking to promote provocative and discriminatory legislation that will diminish Israel’s proud record of being a wonderful example of a transparent, open and democratic society. 


“The proposed “Transparency Law”…


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From Rabbi Dow Marmur -- Amos Oz' message to the Left



            “The past belongs to us; we don’t belong to the past.” I heard Amos Oz, the great Israeli writer, say this last Tuesday at a launch of a just published book on the relationship between Hebrew and European literature by Menachem Brinker, one of the stars on Israel’s intellectual firmament.

            Implied in this statement are at least two aspects, one of which was articulated at the meeting the other implied in…


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ARZENU Statement on Lehava

On behalf of 1.8 million Jews around the world, ARZENU, the Reform Zionist movement, wholeheartedly condemns the anti-assimilationist group, Lehava, and its leader, Benzi Gopstein when he says “Christians Are 'Blood Sucking Vampires' Who Should Be Expelled From Israel” and that Israel should “remove the vampires before they once again drink our blood.'


“Were the word “Christian” replaced by “Jew” aware in the world, the entire Jewish community would be up in arms, calling on…


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ARZENU speaks out against incitement by Im Tirtzu

ARZENU, the religious Zionist organisation that represents 1.8 million Jews around the world, expresses revulsion and total rejection of the campaign of hatred and incitement that is being carried out by the pseudo-Zionist group, Im Tirtzu.  This organisation cloaks itself in the language of Zionism but takes actions that strike at the heart of the Zionist vision of a secure homeland for the Jewish people within a democratic State of…


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Letter from Rabbi Larry Englander to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

December 23, 2015

‏י"א טבת, תשע"ו


The Hon. President R. Rivlin

The Hon. Prime Minister B. Netanyahu




Dear President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu,

It is with great pleasure that I write on behalf of 2 million affiliated Reform and Progressive Jews around the world to commend you both on your recent words of inclusiveness and your calls for the unity of the Jewish people.


It has…


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