International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists

ARZENU Mission Statement


To imbue all Reform Jews with a common vision of Jewish peoplehood and to see Jewish engagement centered on Israel as the Jewish, democratic state inspired by Reform/Progressive values.


 1. To provide the political representation of the worldwide Reform/Progressive movement, in the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency and related institutions and, to support the Jerusalem Program;

2. To work with Israeli and Diaspora Reform/Progressive institutions to transform Israeli society according to Reform/Progressive Zionist values and to be a bridge between these institutions around the world;

3. To transform the worldwide Reform/Progressive movement into a movement imbued with a love of Israel, and to widen and deepen the connections between Reform/Progressive populations inside and outside Israel, and to encourage aliyah.

4. To continue to develop and maintain long- term connections between Israeli and Diaspora Reform/Progressive youth, young adult and adult institutions to ensure future leadership, support and involvement in and with Israel and ARZENU.

5. To encourage the learning and use of Hebrew as a means of creating a deeper sense of peoplehood through our common language.


As it endeavors to achieve its vision and mission, ARZENU continues to work with and strengthen its relationships with the worldwide Reform/Progressive and Israeli institutions. Among these are:

 o The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Israel Religious Action Center

o The World Union for Progressive Judaism and its affiliates

o Netzer Olami and its affiliate youth organizations

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